Finally heard the voice of my grandma thru a call and I can’t help it…..I cied. Ahhhh missing Lola so much. :(

That’s the thing of expecting…you expect. :(

I miss Summer.. :(

2 months full of laughters, adventures and cries …unforgettable indeed! I had this big expectations of my Summer 2014 since “maybe” it’s the last summer that i’d be free from summer classes and stuffs ( I hope not! Ahhh Good grades please). It may be not what I expected to be but it was worth remembering! so here’s the summary of my summer.

  • Went to Cagwait with classmates.
  • Unlimited lechon/house-hopping bc it’s Barangay Telaje’s Fiesta Celebration.
  • Had a despedida for Gupit and helped him with stuffs.. i’m such a good friend! Haha.
  • Backyard Burgers with the gang!!! Since everyone’s leaving (but Kyle came back tho) we planned to hangout since we’re still complete except for Gupit. It was hella fun kind of day. Can’t wait for next year’s roadtrip!
  • Cooking Mama sessions with my forever buddy, Blesi. Bacon and hotdog pancakes plus my forever unexpected visitors, Chummy & Papi. We ate dinner together.
  • Went to Cebu bc it’s enrollment time!!! It was just me and my bro plus Camille, Jhai and their Mama/Mommy. I am officially enrolled!! Hello University of San Carlos!!! Fingers all crossed for good grades. 
    Since it was just me and my bro, we’re free as a bee!! I’m so proud of myself bc I went to Ayala alone and went home alone ofc! Hahaha. But I was riding a taxi so it was kinda okay but still, it’s kinda scary. I’ll learn how to ride jeepneys soon!
  • Driving lessons!! Since i’m fond of roadtrips, I accepted Tito’s offer. It was hella exciting but I almost died bc I was too nervous!! Ahh that feeliinggg!!! Hahaha.
  • Back to Tandag/work! Cooking Mama session again with Blesi— bacon-wrapped hotdogs plus panckes with hotdogs!! Yuuuummm!!
  • I got bored since my crazy bud’s out of town.. I asked Dexie and Hannah if we can have a photoshoot and gladly they answered, yes!
  • Francine had a vacation here in Tandag and we went out like it’s already 8:00pm, roamed around Telaje and went to Mi Amore-sang our hearts out.
  • Kids Camp. I always wanted to be a kids ate, and gladly Kate inivited me to be one but before the camp, I told Kate if I can backout as a kid’s ate and have other responsibilites bc i’m not sure mom will allow me to serve. God really made a way and mom allowed me. Eventhough I wasn’t a kid’s ate at all but I’m glad that I had the chance to reach out Christ to 25 Kids.
  • Blesi invited me to eat Nachos with her. I went to their house eventhough I haven’t took a bath. I even ate my lunch there. After eating, we talked about stuffs and planned to have an outing with the rest of the gang. “Excited much” feels all the way! 
  • ArchiBells planned to hangout and eat dinner together the next day. Walked from Capitol to Blvrd. We (Blesi, Ebet, Papi & Me ofc)got no money so when their orders arrived, we went to Zagu to buy ourselves a drink. We we’re fussing about who should treat Blesi. Ninang Tata arrived with her fam, and yes she paid for our drinks. 
  • A day well spent with Rovie, Blesi, Ebet and Kyle! We pushed through our outing in Cagwait. Went kayaking and goof around with everyone. We waited for Blesi’s mom for our ride home. The higlight of the day was riding at the back of a pick-up! I swear that time we were infinite! Worth remembering and I couldn’t wait for more!!!
  • We planned to make tacos at Ebeth’s place since she’s all alone. We wen’t shopping (char) for the ingredients (Blesi and I haven’t took a bath yet). When we got there, Ebeth told us that the ground pork we bought wasn’t enough.. since they have extra pork but not grounded HAHAHA, Blesi and I volunteered to chop the pork. ‘twas fun but it hurts!! Since everything’s almost ready, Blesi and I took a bath while Rovie and Ebeth was preparing some stuffs and chill afterwards. After that refreshing bath, we planned to eat the tacos! It was like “sex in our mouth” according to Blesilda. I swear it was very yummyyy!! When we we’re too full to eat more, we went to Ebeth’s room and watched Diary Ng Panget and fuss about how lame the movie was. Then we took lots of photos ‘til the camera can’t handle our faces anymore.
  • Sohoton for the second time around!!! I’ve been telling mom that we should go back with the rest of our relatives. So we planned to go there during holy week but everyone’s busy so we moved it to May 30 til June 1. Everything’s perfect if you’re with your loved ones, ayt? Papa brought our kayak there too. The highlight for me was seeing Lola smiling and waving her hands as she reached the top for the diving part of the island hopping and she wasn’t even scared unlike mama and tita. We’re lke “Lola are you even sure what you’re doing?” So proud of my lola!! ‘twas my last hirit for the month of May. Cheers to more of these next summer!
  • Random day outs with Blesi.
  • Hello Queen City of the South!! Went to oslob and swam with the butandings and ‘twas kinda scary! plus I didn’t have the chance to meet and see David Guison! :( 
  • Yacht life!!! It was one of a kind experience! Thanks to Kuya Jacob and his uncle for that  experience. Mojicans gone wild! Ahhh :”)

Hello College life! Sorry for posting this late. I got busy and stuffs but it’s better late than never. I would like to thank Blesi for making my summer hella extraordinary! I love you beyond words! God bless and enjoy your college life, bz! 

I wish ‘twas summer again.



I am a fish 

flying up

so high

I am bird

swimming through

the deepest sea

What am I thinking? 

I am in a place

I was never

meant to be

you are my  sun

you birghten up

my day

you are my moon

you light up 

my way

you are my sea

and u drifted


things went blur

you don’t care


i was but

damn i know that

your time will come

now i’ve got 

you hanging ‘cuz

boy i’d moved 


up above

there’s this star

that will always shine

even in the gloomiest night

just like in life

there’s this hope

that will lead me

to you